Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Insomnia is my greatest inspiration. That...and Starbucks.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

In Real Life...

From the movie, "Dan in Real Life"
The new year crept up like some quiet, calculating cat, only to pounce right on top of me. I can't believe so much time has passed by since my last post. Did I not have anything to say? Was real life so interesting and mesmerizing that I forgot to post....ever? I have to laugh now. No, real life was definitely not so mesmerizing, nor interesting, or even a hint of exciting. My school position back in June was in limbo for the new year, I took a summer job working full time, I had to pack up things from a storage unit right before starting the new school year again, when my job came out of the long limbo again. Since that time, each day, week, and month has seemed to fly by....routine stuff, you know. You get up early, fix breakfast, fix lunches, get dressed and go to work, you transport from school, work long hours, eyes going wonky with data, fix dinner, make sure homework is done, baths, clothes for next day....yep...the routine.

Now that I have had 2 weeks off for Winter Break, I have finally come back full circle to not having my brain waves integrated with the old routine. I have been free to laugh, sleep, be lazy, travel a wee bit, cook, bake pastries, watch old movies, and read books. It is like not having a mirror, and then suddenly you find one hanging on a wall and you see yourself...."Ahhh....there you are."

I have always pledged to the idea of a New Year's resolution. As I sat and watch Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve last night, and saw the blingy and very fabulous Lady Gaga bring that shiny Times Square crystal ball down....I realized, "no resolutions". Yes, you heard me....Lea has finally gone rogue, where concerning New Years. This is the year I have no stated, nor fantasy goals, no 1,2,3 items.....nada. I am taking each day as it comes.....rogue style.

So a very Happy New Year to all of you out there. May your new year be an adventure, your personal resolutions be met, and may my own "clean slate" be filled with surprise.

So maybe one plan for me.....plan to be surprised.