Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Post

Let me introduce myself. I am a strange tree. Seriously, I am. I am often strong, caring and animated, but at times I am a nerdy-nerd, a bit free-spirited, and an idiot. When I am in the idiot mode, I am much like an idiot of uncertainy rolled up in a tortilla of doubt. I know this about myself. I embrace this strangeness, it is what makes me human.

I have managed other blogs through the years, each leaning towards an interest or folly. I even tried to have a blog once to be my "authentic" self, and the funny thing is...that particular blog, I edited each post, and every thought more than all the other blogs put together.

So here it is. My blog about anything, everything, or nothing at all...or anything strange. My personal write....and write often.

Welcome. More to come.


  1. Like your new design and that you're blogging again :-)

  2. Thanks--I've been performing procrastination quite well...LOL