Saturday, April 16, 2011

NaBloPoMo 16: "No Bridle Required"

Photo above belongs to photographer, Art Wolfe.

As a little girl, I was long fascinated by the mystery of the horse. Our next door neighbor had a horse that I fed apples and carrots to in the late afternoons. It had these huge glistening brown eyes that seemed to look through me, and sometimes out past me. I could tell her my secrets, my fears, and all the while her loud chomping would strangely make music to my ears. I loved reading books about horses, spent time sitting up in the old crabapple tree drawing sketches of horses. My most heralded horse was the wild mustang. To me, I felt all horses should be free. The picture painted in my mind was of small herds running wildly across the fields of wildflowers, slowing down only slightly to run through a winding river. So, I share this exhibit, from one of my favorite photographers, with you. I think Art defines their mystique just right, my favorite photo is the one above because of his use of angle and light. Hope you enjoy!

Art Wolfe's gallery exhibit "UNBRIDLED" is currently showing at the Art Wolfe Gallery in Seattle's SODO district. The exhibit features seventeen new pieces—the largest being nearly 10 feet in length.

"From the classic royalty of the Lusitano to the casual confidence of the American quarterhorse to the spirited herds of the Camargue, the horse has long captivated me as a symbol of power, grace and form." ~Art Wolfe

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  1. oh what a beautiful picture!!! I adored horses as a kid, in fact, horses were the only thing I could ever draw!