Sunday, April 3, 2011

NaBloPoMo 3: The Run

Where did you run today? Now there's a question you don't often hear.

~Joe Henderson

Step lightly, run fast. This has been my mantra. Life can throw you some insanely harsh curve balls, and if you are not looking, they can take you down. Even is you are lucky enough for life to pass you by on adversity, it is not fun to walk heavily each day, taking note of your list of "to dos", worrying about the things that may go wrong. I like the words of this Chinese poem, to “drift like clouds and flow like water.” I am, and have been struggling with a disease. I can freely talk about it now, as I have shared it with my supervisor at work. It is not easy to say to people, I'm sick. Mostly, I hate the responses of ... "Oh, but you look fine". And I calmly reply.."Yes, I am not in a wheechair, I can still converse, speak and even tell jokes. I am still standing." The most important point is that I am learning to live life, step lightly, and run fast. I have been diagnosed with motor neuron disease, which I refer to as... "the big Lou". It is not a pleasant disease to have, but I will tell you I would rather have Parkinson's disease a hundred times over, like they first diagnosed me with, than this thing. I have accepted that my doctors believe this about me, BUT, most importantly, I also believe that doctors don't know everything. So, back to the above quote's question... "Where did you run to today?" I ran to my future, no matter what length, to step lightly, and drift like a cloud, finding happiness in each moment.

Where did you run?

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